Sustainable living, fit for the future

With an impressive history, a beautiful location in the Surrey Hills and an enviable economic and social vitality, Guildford is deserving of high-quality developments that sit comfortably with nature and create a proud heritage.

To ensure the development “sits comfortably with nature” our delivery must:

Embrace the principles of “smart growth”, concentrate the built area in a compact walkable neighbourhood and deliver within it everything necessary for day to day living

Incorporate bioclimatic design features into the Master Planning such that the buildings allow maximum sun in winter and cooling winds in summer.

Support efficient public transport systems, as well as deliver safe cycle and pedestrian paths

Design low carbon and low energy buildings that comply with strict design and building standards and encourage and support sustainable living practices

Provide green space, streams, lakes and ponds within the development layout

Restore, protect and manage the adjacent land within the Ancient Woodlands and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Invest in the natural environment to ensure improved management, biodiversity and high levels of carbon capture

Protecting biodiversity and creating habitats

Blackwell Park will respect and improve the natural capital of the land, allowing it to define the structure of the place, whilst protecting its beauty and diverse habitats.

Its green landscape framework of ancient woodland, trees and hedgerows will be nurtured and regenerated with new and diverse planting, alongside habitat creation, provision of Suitable Alternative Green Spaces (SANGs), walking links to surrounding countryside, and biodiverse gardens.

The development will challenge itself to achieve as great a biodiversity net gain as possible (with 20% off the existing baseline as a minimum) through the regeneration of existing natural greenspace, careful planting, the encouragement of fauna and flora and an attractive water management system of lakes and ponds.

Energy in harmony with nature

The University of Surrey has a partnership with SSE Energy Solutions for the production of renewable energy through a solar farm on Blackwell Park land. Once complete, it will be capable of generating enough energy to supply the equivalent of 4,000 UK homes each year.

Solar facilities monitored regularly by ecologists demonstrate an increase over time in the local abundance and variety of plants, pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. The University’s solar farm will enhance the surrounding biodiversity of the land through wildflower planting, and the creation of nature corridors and new habitats, reducing carbon emissions in the community by an estimated 1,110 tonnes per year.