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blackwell park

A public exhibition to outline our vision and objectives
for Blackwell Park took place on 8th March 2019

You can view the exhibition boards and submit comments via the links below 


Blackwell Farm has been identified as a location for a new neighbourhood within Guildford Borough Council’s emerging local plan. Blackwell Developments (Guildford) Limited, together with its partners, aim to create a distinctive new neighbourhood that reflects wider Guildford.

Our vision for a new neighbourhood includes


1,800 new homes


Approximately 35,000sqm of employment provision


A new local centre including retail, GP surgery and community uses


A new primary school and land for a new secondary school

Green space

Informal green space 
Children’s play areas, playing pitches, parks, and new habitat areas. Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANG)


Access from the A31 and via Surrey Research Park

Allocation boundary shown on aerial photograph. Aerial imagery Copyright Getmapping plc

We particularly welcome your comments on the following:

Site features. Aerial imagery © Getmapping plc

Site features

Are there any features on the site that you think should be kept?

Objectives. Contains OS data © Crown copyright, University of Surrey mastermap data. License no. 10042047.


Our emerging objectives are on the boards. Are there any others you feel should be considered?

Housing styles / street styles

Housing style

What style of housing should be provided - traditional, contemporary or a mix of styles?

Should the streets be informal winding streets, more formal linear streets, tree lined avenues, or a mix of different character areas?

Housing types. Contains OS data © Crown copyright, University of Surrey mastermap data. License no. 10042047.

Housing types

What types of homes should be provided? - affordable homes, homes for the elderly, small starter homes, larger family homes, keyworker homes, rental homes, a mix or other types?

Facilities. Photos by Robert Bye, rawpixel and Jeff Sheldon from Unsplash


The local plan specifies a range of facilities to be provided. What facilities do you think should be included? - health services, retail, cafe, community space, library, gym / leisure, other

Landcape. Tennis photo: Guilherme Maggieri, Unsplash


There will be a significant amount of open space in and around Blackwell Park. What do you feel is most important for the new neighbourhood? - orchard / allotments, agriculture, habitat creation, bowls green, sports pitches, courts (e.g. tennis), grassland meadows, paddocks, other

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